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APPLY FOR spring 2022
in-person TRAINING

Before you complete this application, please ensure that you meet the following required criteria: 

-Must complete 15 in-person rounds within 1 year of training completion
-Must be 18 years or older
-Must have experience in community work
-Must have knowledge about local social support networks
-Must have an interest in working as a team, sharing doubts, feelings, difficulties and discoveries
-Must attend at least 75% of in-person training

Students will be accepted on a rolling basis

Final date for application submission is April 15, 2022*

*If accommodations are required, applications must be submitted by April 1, 2022

To apply, click the link below and complete the google form:

Thank you for applying to become a certified ICT facilitator! 

Available on as needed basis**
**may require additional commitment)
*Rooms available at the Hilton Spring Garden located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA!
Includes all lectures and required materials for certification
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