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"In 1986, I arrived at the 4 Varas community (in the Pirambu favela in Fortaleza, Brazil) with my medical students from the Federal University of Ceará. A lady told us that she couldn't sleep and asked for a medicine that we didn't have. When I was going to prescribe a medication, she said she didn't even have the money to buy food for her children, let alone expensive medicines. I realized that I was acting the way I was used to acting in the hospital. 

The woman began to tell her story, to cry. Another came who supported her by giving her a handkerchief to dry her tears; another gave her a foot massage, another brought a cup of herbal tea, another began to share a similar personal experience. I realized then, that this woman started to be supported, that bonds of affection were created. She found what she came for; the support of the community, not my expertise. I realized that the community that has problems also has its solutions. Thus was born Integrative Community Therapy (ICT), a space for welcoming soul pain and collective suffering." 

- Dr. Adalberto Barreto

we believe community has the power to heal

Visible Hands Collaborative is the first U.S.-based organization to provide certified training in Integrative Community Therapy (ICT, also referred to as Terapia Comunitária Integrativa or TCI), a large-group dialogic therapy that facilitates community conversation and builds emotional solidarity. 



We are actively seeking local and national organizations to create active partnerships that provide training and referrals. Contact us at for more info. 

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